Dining Hall, Family Gathering:
Home or any open place is not favored to organize a family gathering with around food. Our multiple hotels in town organize you a home atmosphere where you can gather your friends, family, and relatives to enjoy a more intimate experience with around food (specially Sekuwa).

Child Play Room:
Children love to play around with handy and outdoor toys. We President Group of Hotel got the open area and rooms where these kids enjoy themselves monitoring by our well-trained staffs.

Corporate Meeting, Seminars:
Our hotel building is not just for food and lodging, we could manage the best Corporate Meeting and Seminars to organize with your own plans and requests. We can organize the seminar hall for 150 people at a single time.

Meals and Lodging: No need to travel around just for this quick food. Along with Sekuwa from our President Sekuwa PVT LTD. We serve you with different varieties of food and meals in your room. We got the well-trained chef and staffs to present you best and quality food experience. Our furnished and well-managed AC rooms are just for your family stay. We got the AC, window, TV, free wifi in every room.

Party, Celebrations:
Though its a once in a life, we appreciate in gathering everyone in our life. Our hotels in different places could manage you the place and area for parties, birthday celebrations and more.