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Global Customer Feedback

Good ambiance, good food with reasonable price

Hari Paudyel Avatar Hari Paudyel
May 14, 2023

Parking: Usually busy Kid-friendliness: Not the best one. But one can have good family time with kids Wheelchair accessibility: Yess

Devina Kandel Avatar Devina Kandel
January 14, 2023

The restaurant exceeded my expectations with its delectable cuisine, prompt service, and inviting ambience. The food was a symphony of flavours, beautifully presented. The staff was attentive and friendly, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The charming decor and cozy atmosphere added to the overall enjoyment. Highly recommended!

Deepak Acharya Avatar Deepak Acharya
June 14, 2023

Kid-friendliness: There is playing area for kids

inglatheawesome Avatar inglatheawesome
September 14, 2023

Am writing this hoping your management gets better next time.. anyway i have visited your place 3-4 times but today was bit disappointing i ordered chicken biryani and found a hair. So sorry to point you but make sure it never happens again. Thank you 🙏🏼 best wishes for ahead!

Dikshya Lamichhane Avatar Dikshya Lamichhane
August 14, 2023