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A selection of teas and coffees are available throughout the day in the Lounge Bar

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Global Customer Feedback

Like it's overall facilities

Rajive Luitel Avatar Rajive Luitel
October 14, 2023

Kid-friendliness: There is playing area for kids

inglatheawesome Avatar inglatheawesome
September 14, 2023

Am writing this hoping your management gets better next time.. anyway i have visited your place 3-4 times but today was bit disappointing i ordered chicken biryani and found a hair. So sorry to point you but make sure it never happens again. Thank you 🙏🏼 best wishes for ahead!

Dikshya Lamichhane Avatar Dikshya Lamichhane
August 14, 2023

A perfect fine dining restaurant in Kathmandu

Anjan Lal Shrestha Avatar Anjan Lal Shrestha
November 23, 2023

Everything is great, except the food portion.

Ashish Bhattarai Avatar Ashish Bhattarai
November 14, 2023