About Us

a plate of the sekuwa recipe around with a bottle of beer is the perfect combination to enjoy every evening with the friends and family. sekuwa is a type of meat recipe, prepared in a lump of burning coal, instead of modern gas. every food item prepared with burning coal and fire gives you the real taste, which is somehow missing in food prepared from modern gas.

president sekuwa pvt. ltd is one of the best sekuwa makers in town. we do not rate our sekuwa recipe to be best, our hearty customers rate us as best sekuwa maker in town. we are not specific in particular variety, instead, we serve different types of a sekuwa recipe in town. anyone from anywhere can enjoy the taste of sekuwa of president group.

in recent time, we are around the kathmandu valley, soon we are coming to your cities as well. “sasto tara dami”, is the motto of president sekuwa pvt ltd. check out our office location and a contact detail we serve home delivery as well. enjoy every evening with around a plate of sekuwa and beer on hand.